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Five Signs that you need a Better Router for Gaming

Are you facing lots of difficulties while playing online? Do you find yourself facing challenges through stuff like gaming lags, buffering and skips? Are you highly limited in the range of international gaming options you can access? It is frustrating. But sometimes you just have to make a few equipment changes to fix things. So how do you figure out that you need to make such a change?

Here are five signs that you need a better router for gaming:

You wish your existing Router would just do better

Suffice to say that if you are running your PS4 or Xbox off of a weak router, with a weak CPU and a limited flash or RAM memory, you are going to find out real quick what the limitations of your gaming experience are.

That is why we recommend that routers for gaming have the DD-WRT firmware. They are particularly helpful for maximizing the throughput of your router by increasing the range, improving the QoS, allowing you to customize and track router performance, and making the connection more reliable.

If you get frustrated and wish your router would just do better, it might just mean that it's time to consider an alternative - maybe a dedicated gaming router.

Your Router doesn't make you feel secure online

It goes without saying, but this is an essential function of routers; the more you compete online, the more you leave your network vulnerable for invasion by nefarious online forces. Hackers these days are just waiting for opportunities like these to access and hijack someone's essential information and data. That is why you need a router for gaming with the latest advanced security options like VPN compatibility to keep your network protected and secured.

The fact that you don't feel secure means that your router doesn't provide these security features. Consider moving to a gaming router that supports VPN and other security capabilities.

Your current Wi-Fi connection doesn't seem stable enough

We have all been through our fair share of reboots and network malfunctions. It is these kinds of issues that made us start the GGRouters blog in the first place. We started looking up how to select the best gaming routers - and pick routers that are able to provide more network stability, lest we have our gaming sessions interrupted by yet another service level breakdown.

With DD-WRT routers, network stability is exactly what you will get. Among the several major benefits of this open-source firmware on your router for gaming is a more reliable build, which means that a device you can trust with a longer shelf life. A router may not seem the best performance router, but adding DD-WRT firmware can certainly change the dynamics of the performance of this device - that has been our observation.

Well, everyone may not have the skills or patience needed to upgrade router firmware - so we recommend going for routers that come with DD-WRT firmware built in. You'll find some good ones in some of our product top lists.

It feels like your Wi-Fi range is too limited

If you are struggling with distributing Wi-Fi connection across your house, chances are you are not getting the range that you need. The best Wi-Fi router for long-range and gaming can improve Wi-Fi connection accessibility by distributing it throughout your house without compromising on speed.

Moreover, a gaming router is of utmost importance if you want to get serious about gaming, or even if you are looking for a better solution to your current Wi-Fi router. If you are thinking about replacing your existing router on a budget, you could even consider our list of affordable high-performance routers too.

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