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5 Advantages of Using a Good Gaming Router in 2022

Move over graphics cards and high-end keyboards, gaming routers seem to be an essential addition for almost every functionality of a modern computer - especially if you're a gamer. These gadgets improve the gaming experience in ways you can't live without. In most cases, they do an excellent job of enabling an immersive online gaming experience. A gaming mouse is sensitive and offers buttons within reach of the thumb. A gaming graphics card displays state-of-the-art graphics at the highest quality without losing FPS. But all of these accessories are pretty useless if you don't have a good gaming router that can handle some serious online gaming.

What's different about gaming routers?

As the name reflects, good gaming routers are designed to solve networking the problems faced by online gamers. A common misconception about gaming routers is that all it adds to your setup is additional bandwidth. In reality, the bandwidth resources of the average router are sufficient to handle online gaming - the added bandwidth is a nice-to-have.

What makes a good gaming router different from a standard router is the features it offers to specifically enhance online gaming. You might be in a dilemma to decide whether a gaming router is a worthwhile investment or not. Sometimes you'll be able to see signs that you need a gaming router. Will this really improve your online gaming performance? Is it a worthwhile investment in context of your gaming and streaming needs? The answer is often YES! So when you do decide to pick a gaming router, make sure you pick one of the best gaming routers out there!

What are the benefits of using a good gaming router?

1. Superior connection speeds and responsiveness

Gaming routers process more data at higher speeds. That implies that they provide the best picture and sound quality over shared connections. They can handle a greater volume of data. Thus, a gaming router minimizes interruptions when two or more people are streaming at the same time.

2. Prioritized Internet Traffic with Quality of Service features

Quality of Service (QoS) features help users in managing their connection load and optimize the effectiveness of the router hardware. This allow users to avoid errors while performing high-priority tasks that ask for a certain amount of bandwidth for stability. The QoS system decides how to prioritize networking tasks and optimizes things accordingly. Properly managed, they can help identify multiple demanding tasks exceeding your bandwidth limit. It permits you to check how your router manages traffic by prioritizing certain activities and devices. You can change the traffic priority-based network and IP address selection.

3. Better graphics and audio compatibility

A cleaner streaming connection means less audio or visual distortion of any kind. With a good gaming router, you will notice fewer dropped lines of online communication and less dropped streaming data even during peak traffic. You don’t have to deal with buffering, lag or frozen frames, and there’s less risk of audio and visual data loss.

QoS features add a more holistic approach to traffic management mean gaming routers offer the best possible guarantee of performance accuracy.

4. Minimized data loss

As gaming routers can sort through internet traffic quickly, they ensure that traffic flows smoothly in the fastest available path. This allows them to save data, which is responsible for significant relief from latency issues.

5. Added support for multiple users

If you spend a lot of time gaming, streaming or working online, the benefits of a device designed for multiple users are unmissable. Everything we just discussed applies to all users on your network - even if there are several of them. This also means support for more and more devices. A good way of imagining this is that while a regular router struggles when several users stream content simultaneously, a good gaming router would provide great speed and low latency to each user - regardless of what device they are using.


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Happy gaming!

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