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GG Routers Blog: Top Lists

We're constantly scouting the market for good gaming routers for PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC gaming. Since there are so many routers out there in the market, we think it is important to make lists in context of specific use cases that you may have.

By doing that, we also hope to help you make good buying decisions with a fraction of the effort involved. That's because we do a lot of the research for you. Getting a good gaming router is important - but getting one that works for your specific use case is even more important. We've reviewed a lot of devices - from lean and practical ones to absolute beasts. Some might think that it makes sense to go in and get a super high-performance device because, well, it is a super high performance device. But that's not always the case. It's got to be a balance between performance, features, security, reliability and price.


Use our lists as groups of devices that you know are ideal for certain use cases. Pick a few use cases that you have and try to find routers that are an overlap between lists around these use cases. That's when you'll find gaming routers that are a match made for you!

Feel free to write to us with recommendations of use cases that we can make lists on.

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